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A Full Service Advertising Agency That Doesn’t Pull Punches

By offering a wide range of services under one roof, we maintain a client’s brand consistency across multiple media, offer clients greater control of their marketing and ultimately maximize the return on their marketing efforts. Are we unique among ad agencies?
We think so.

Media Planning
Fighting for Market Share starts with researching the market and developing the plan. Is it radio? Is it TV? How can I make my online advertising work with my offline advertising? Find out more with our Media Planning Services.

Video Production
The 30-second TV spot has been the centerpiece of advertising for the last 40 years. It still works, but there are so many more uses for video now like video brochures, training videos, online video ads, your own YouTube presence… Learn more about the power of video with Burke Advertising’s Video Production Services.

Direct Marketing
There’s a reason they call it direct marketing and not mass marketing.  What do you think is more effective – 100 punches that don’t connect or one that hits home? Laser target your market with Direct Marketing.

Online Marketing
We don’t just increase traffic to your website; we focus on ensuring it’s the right traffic. It’s easy to spend money on online marketing; it’s a lot harder to spend it smartly. Optimized web design, targeted search engine marketing, Facebook advertising… find out how Burke Advertising is Fighting for Online Marketing Share.

What does your brand say? What do you want it to say? Your brand is your strongest weapon in the Fight for Market Share. See how we’ve helped clients with their Brand Development.

Creative / Design
Award winning design that doesn’t just capture attention… but also drives traffic? That’s what our Creative Design department is all about.

Public Relations
Earned media for your company, your products and your people. From local media to the national stage, we’re helping clients Fight for Market Share with Public Relations.

Fundraising, GOTV, Targeted Voter Mailing and new media outreach. See our 20 years of political experience from local to national campaigns – Political Advertising.